Well this is a disaster in the making

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Leo Armstrong
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Well this is a disaster in the making

Post by Leo Armstrong » 31 Oct 2011, 23:47

So starwars then 2 months later tops, Diablo III...

Let me look into my Tyrant Ball and see the future...

In two months we may be getting close to the high end content of Starwars...

People will be getting excited about their gear and looking for better...

Crafters will be maxing their skills and looking for rare crafting drops...

Guild raid people will be starting to study websites and u-tube videos to be ready for raiding...

DIABLO III is released...

They say the world ends in 2012... they may be right!

DISASTER!!!! :twisted:

Im not sure what i'm going to do...

Given the "buy items" situation of diablo III I may leave it in its box until there is either server maintanance in Starwars
or for some reason the guild starts to leave starwars on mass as occurs... from time too time... too early...

The other option is run starwars on one monitor and diablo III on another. :D

If you spend most of your time crafting that is a real option... Play DIII while you wait for your companions to finish crafting.

Yes my Tyrant Ball seems to indicate I will be using two monitors for the first time.


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Re: Well this is a disaster in the making

Post by Secro » 01 Nov 2011, 09:41

glad you sorted that problem out Leo ;)
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