Sir/Dame Prefix quest lines

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Sir/Dame Prefix quest lines

Post by kruxx » 29 Apr 2011, 01:02

OK, so there's been some differing views on the net about what and what not is required to get this prefix. With some googling and GM work (and reverse engineering quest lines), I've found out exactly what is required.

Random GM wrote:...I'm very sorry for the confusion however I see you have only completed the quest chain which ends in The Last Command. To get this title you must also complete 2 more quest chains which end with One Soldier to Another, and Past Is Prologue...
So, nice and simple, this means there's 3 quest lines to complete before you will get the mail which gives you your prefix.

First is in Scarwood Reach: This one, The Last Command, ends in you receiving the title 'Kain's Fist'. I don't know exactly where this one begins, but I know it is centralized around the Kain's Command town. If needed I can do more research, but most people do all of Scarwood Reach, so this shouldn't be a problem.

The second one is in Iron Pine's Peak. This ends with the quest One Soldier to Another and starts in Sanctuary, just south of Whitefall. The quest NPC you are looking for is Dame Levitia Volya and the whole quest line is actually very short. I did it in 5-10 minutes. I don't know the name of the quest to begin this, but getting the Story quest from Dame Levitia Volya (which eventually end's with you speaking to Nal'mora Quinium -> Cyril Kalmar) will set you on your way.

Finally, we end in Stillmoor. Head to Thalin Thor and do all the quests there. The one in particular you want to finish is the one where you see a vision of Marshall Kain going crazy. Once you finish that, assuming you have completed both of the other two previous quests, after you return to Thalin Thor (and hand it in) a Sanctum Messenger will spawn, with the quest Past Is Prologue. This is the final quest of the 3 required to receive the mail which gives you the Prefix.

All the above is pretty simple and most people would probably know it already - however there is one trick I found for those who can not get the Sanctum Messenger to spawn. If you have completed the above 3 quests, and the Sanctum Messenger won't spawn when you enter Thalin Thor, your only bet (not even GM's will help) is to wait for the server to reset, and log at Thalin Thor as soon as the server comes up. For some reason the Messenger will definitely spawn (did for me!) upon a server reset, and you'll be able to continue on and get your Dame/Sir prefix!
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Re: Sir/Dame Prefix quest lines

Post by Secro » 29 Apr 2011, 09:24

So that's how I got it :O

I just remember going down to thalin thor to get some harvest nodes and that npc poped up.
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