More leaked Alpha Patch notes... from 21st of Feb

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More leaked Alpha Patch notes... from 21st of Feb

Post by Leo Armstrong » 22 Feb 2011, 14:33

Going by the date below these are very recent.... If they are real...

Alpha 27-11-B

* Raid Rifts have been temporarily disabled while we do final polish passes on these events.

* Racial Abilities now cannot be used in dungeons and raid instances.
* CoD Mail now expires and returns to sender after three days.
* Mail from 'the system' no longer expires.
* Changed the intro movie!

* Colossi will be less 'twitchy' when being attacked by large groups of players.

* Changing Roles now causes your buffs cast on others in the world to be removed - this addresses some issues where players could buff groups/raids with abilities they then no longer had access to or even a soul equipped for.
* Fixed a number of other exploits that allowed certain spell effects to exist on multiple characters at the same time when they shouldn't be.
* Fixed an issue where certain mobs were immune to abilities that dealt damage and healed - i.e. Life Leech, Soul Purge.
* Critical heals will now show up in the combat log and are a separate type of message from regular combat logged heals.

* PvP Souls: Break Free no longer removes the Exposed debuff.
* Clerics: Fixed a bug causing some proc heals to consume effects that modify heals.

* Fixed a bug where the internal cooldown was not working for weapon poisons.
* Serrated Blades: Causes the target to bleed for 33-100% of your weapon's damage over 6 seconds, down from 60-180%. Now only triggers from melee weapon critical attacks. It no longer triggers from ranged weapon critical attacks or attacks that require 'Any Weapon' and are not considered melee weapon attacks [Bard damage abilities, Saboteur Charges, Bombs, etc.]. Nightblade ranged attacks are considered melee weapon attacks and can trigger Serrated Blades.
* Slip Away: Fixed so that existing DoT effects will cause stealth to break after Slip Away immunity ends.
* Serpent Strike: Damage increased.
* Advanced Flanking: Changed to increase the critical hit chance of Backstab by 3-6%. Increases the critical hit chance of Assassinate, Jagged Strike, and Paralyzing Strike by 25-50%.
* Magnify Pain: Fixed a tooltip error.

* Pack Mentality: Was set to increase the damage of melee attacks, making it unpredictable in use - has been changed to increase Physical damage attacks.
* Diversion Strike: Damage increased, duration of critical hit buff increased, now only affects the Beastmaster and their pet.
* Tenacious Strike: Renamed Tenacious Wounds, increases the damage of Bleed effects by 3-6%.
* Fight As One: Duration increased to 15 seconds.

* Vivacity: Now also increases damage of all Bladedancer abilities by 5-10%.

* Lurking Decay: Should now actually work again.

* Focused Intent: Your attacks have a 10-30% chance to make enemy players vulnerable, increasing their damage taken by 2% for 10 seconds. Stacks up to 10 times.
* Against All Odds: Only triggers off of roots/stuns cast by players. Damage reduction only affects damage taken from players.
* Ignore Pain: The damage reduction now only reduces damage taken from players.

* Swift Shot: Damage reduced.
* Empowered Shot: Damage reduced.
* Deadeye Shot: Damage reduced.
* Strafe: Damage reduced.
* Hasted Shot: Damage reduced.
* Marksman's Pedestal: Damage bonus has been increased from 5% to 10%.
* Sniper's Pedestal: Damage bonus has been increased from 25% to 30%.

* Fixed a bug where Lich Form didn't end when using Feign Death.

* Fixed a bug where the internal cooldown was not working for weapon enchantments.
* Heat Retention: Fixed so the buff effect is no longer retained when a Finisher ability is used.

* Fiery Blessing: Critical hits now properly reduce the stack.

* Dire Wolf, Blood Raptor: Damage reduced.
* Shadow Fire: Damage reduced.
* Splinter Shot: Damage reduced.

* Resolved a problem where instead of Enhanced Burst [from Fiery Burst] granting 30% to elemental damage, it granted 20% to all damage. It now properly enhances elemental damage by 30%. Storm Burst and Earth Burst were working properly.

* Singularity: Tooltip now displays the proper durations for each attack point.
* Quality Care: Will now not trigger off of every tick of a HoT spell, and will not trigger off of Cleric-procced heals.
* Discharge: Now has a 10 second cooldown.
* Blood From a Stone: Fixed a bug where this would proc from ranged attacks.


* Death's Embrace: Reduced Gorvaht's damage.
* Into Bahralt's Keeping: Completing this quest is no longer a prereq for the Hammerknell Fortress series.

* Rift - Deepstrike Summons: Volcanic Tectonus's "Stoneskin" ability will only give back a maximum of 25% HP per cast.

* Fixed lock-out collision in Abyssal Precipice.
* Added treasure chests to Expert Rifts.

* Expert: Jutharin now resets if he exits his encounter space.
* Expert: Caelia no longer respawns after being killed.
* Standard: Caelia encounter barriers properly despawn after her death.

* Tegenar's Cocoon no longer requires line of sight to the target player.
* Expert: Scarn's Searing Heat can no longer be purged.
* Expert: Removed chat log spam for Bonehew's minion spawning.

* If your pet is alive when you die in a Warfront, it will automatically come back when you are resurrected.
* PvP Flag: If you were in the countdown to remove your PvP flag when you die and respawn, it will continue the countdown from where it left off.

* Dyes will now properly list as consumables in the Auction House.
* Salvaging components properly list as ingredients in the Auction House.

* Pressing the jump key (default: space bar) will cause you to swim up. No more underwater jumping!
* Swimming vertically will no longer result in wonky camera antics once you reach the surface.
* Fixed visual effects not appearing in portraits.

* Fixed a bug where non-ability buttons wouldn't load on secondary bars - aka disappearing icon hijinks!
* Pet ability buttons are no longer hidden after leveling up.
* Increased the font size for stack numbers on the new Class Mechanic UI.
* The character inspection window will now update if the player you’re inspecting changes their equipment.
* Zone event quests no longer appear in the quest log, only on-screen.
* Action bar layouts should now save properly.

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Re: More leaked Alpha Patch notes... from 21st of Feb

Post by Tilania » 22 Feb 2011, 15:28

Wow Marksman/Ranger just got nuked hard

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Re: More leaked Alpha Patch notes... from 21st of Feb

Post by stumbuck » 22 Feb 2011, 18:38

Tilania wrote:Wow Marksman/Ranger just got nuked hard
Yeah really hard. At one stage I was rolling this combo but changed my mind mid beta after i got that combo to 20. I must say i dont think PvE it deserved to be nuked that bad but in the battlegrounds I did I raped face and was very damaging.

Glad Im not rolling that anymore.