Tendersoft needs some tenderlove

Want to join Southern Cross Rift Chapter? Post here.
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Tendersoft needs some tenderlove

Post by Tendersoft » 01 Jun 2011, 15:52

Character Name / Calling / What roles you play (Tank/DPS/Support/Healer)
A: Tendersoft / Rogue / Bard/DPS

Name / Age / Location:
A: Nick / 24 / WA

Do you know anyone in Southern Cross?:
A: Yes, Benediction and a few others from Bloody Oath

How did you hear about us?:
A: Wow (used to play on Blackrock) and Bloody Oath / Whirlpool

Do you want to raid with Southern Cross?:
A: Yes (as well as PvP)

Will you use Ventrillo?:
A: skype / Vent / TS - wahtever is needed

Anything else you want to share?:
A: Played on Blackrock - multiple Glad toons (lock, hunter,pala,dk, some top10 teams as well as top 25 teams on tourny realm.
Did endgame raid between Vanilla-TBC-WOTLK, familiar with raid mechanics and pvp - Led premades/raids on wow etc.

Haven't been playing/established on RIFT for long yet but feel like I can be a real contribution to any serious guild. :oops:

Willing to level any class or play any spec that is required.

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Re: Tendersoft needs some tenderlove

Post by Faetan » 03 Jun 2011, 14:34


Please contact an officer in game for an invite