Sunstyle - Mage

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Sunstyle - Mage

Post by sunstyle » 10 May 2011, 14:08

Character Name / Calling / What roles you play (Tank/DPS/Support/Healer)
A: Sunstyle - Mage - DPS or Healer

Name / Age / Location:
A: Patrick - 37 - LA, California

Do you know anyone in Southern Cross?:
A: Soulform - Worldz - Slootz - Elmos - Plus couple others I grouped with

How did you hear about us?:
A: From friends above & I played WoW on Blackrock

Do you want to raid with Southern Cross?:
A: I'd like more of a semi casual backup role. I can't always make the raid times due to work.
I won't be crying for a raid spot, but if time allows and you guys are in need I'd come.

Will you use Ventrillo?:
A: Yes

Anything else you want to share?:
A: Soulform is bad.

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Re: Sunstyle - Mage

Post by Faetan » 11 May 2011, 11:36

Approved Sunstyle

I have already spoken to you in game