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Post#1 » 05 May 2011, 21:02

Character Name / Calling / What roles you play (Tank/DPS/Support/Healer)
A: the one with the Geetar, the durka durka insurgent, the one with the daggers that cut stuff up, and killrens one button macro nb spec, ideal for single target raid dps while freeing up mrs palmer.

Name / Age / Location:
A:Tyson 1986(turning 25) Perth near the city.

Do you know anyone in Southern Cross?:
A: Yes, I added the leadership to my friendlist. Thus, i am pretty well connected if u know what i mean.

How did you hear about us?:
A: in the XXX classifieds, Disableds two for tuesday deal is unbeatable. I wish him well though in japan after appearing in the guiness world records for largest gape known to man, I thought it was neat that japan enlisted his gapeful services to pump out 140 million litres of radioactive water to sea.

Do you want to raid with Southern Cross?:
A: It would be much easier just having an arrow pointing at the guild masters crotch then telling me i don't have a raid spot. =P

Will you use Ventrillo?:
A:I do what im told, when im told always. With the exception of sometimes when i simply failed, zoned out, or wasn't quite in the mood.

Anything else you want to share?:
A: Im an approachable stubborn cunt, i have issues with people being petty, and at times peoples voices, in the sense that you could be telling me the most valid point, which is probably constructive but if u are have chosen a ratty, frustrated voice and i feel like im being belittled then fuck bra, keyboard comes out of its sheeth and its orn.

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Re: Endangered.

Post#2 » 05 May 2011, 22:43

Who ever is doing the PHP sucks, text box is to small on my laptop and pc, thought my laptop reso was jewing me but when u write a whole page, you can't see what you're writing.. gotta scroll down to see where u are up to

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Re: Endangered.

Post#3 » 08 May 2011, 16:28

full on rogues at the moment.

good luck finding a guild.

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