WITHDRAWN: Sturm lvl25 Captain

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WITHDRAWN: Sturm lvl25 Captain

Post by Sturm » 15 Apr 2009, 00:24

Hi all,

I'd like to retract this application. At the moment , my work commitments are heaping up so I'll be playing sporadically. I do not want to waste SC's time. Thanks for your consideration and happy adventuring!
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Re: Sturm lvl25 Captain

Post by Fitz » 15 Apr 2009, 08:15

Sturm wrote: Be able to chat about the rugby(union)
HELL NO! Devil sport!

Barry: Hey Cletus, we want the ball to go in front of us, whats the best way to do that d'ya think?

Cletus: Why don't we THROW IT BEHIND US! That sounds like a reel smart idea! And if we all get stopped somehow, we can have a group hug and then keep running..while throwing it away from where it needs to go! Hyuck!


Bloody Northerners and their backwards ball. BAH!

(PS - Someone other than my trollish person will be along shortly to welcome you and have a chat ;) )

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Re: Sturm lvl25 Captain

Post by nitrofenix » 18 Apr 2009, 10:44

G'day Sturm -- we have quite a lot of people who tend to play quite casually due to work/uni/family, and we would never consider that they're wasting SC's time. :)

Don't hesitate to pop another app in when things quieten down for you.
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