Kinship Charter and Rules

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Kinship Charter and Rules

Post by Aelwen » 04 Dec 2008, 14:16

Southern Cross - An Overview
Southern Cross is predominantly an Oceania guild consisting mostly of Australian and NZ players. Our peak playtimes are Oceania evenings and weekends. Players from other time zones are also welcome, but please be aware that we may not have many players on during your peak playtimes. Southern Cross has had a presence in several MMO's and is currently active in LOTRO, WAR, WoW and EQ2. Southern Cross is an 18+ guild.

The Southern Cross LOTRO chapter caters to all play styles from the hardcore raider to the casual, social player and everything in between. We pride ourselves on our fun, friendly and (usually) mature atmosphere and expect our members to be considerate, thoughtful and to treat people with respect.

Our kinship is about supporting and helping each other and working together to enjoy all aspects of LOTRO.

Kinship Values
We like to encourage our kinship members to group with each other, develop friendships and assist other kinmates through a spirit of generosity. We value mutual respect and acceptance.

However, while we encourage our members to help and support one another, we also like to encourage our members to be self sufficient and respect that others may not always be available to help.

Finally, we expect everyone to uphold these values not just within our own kinship, but with players outside the kinship as well.

We are selective about who comes into Southern Cross, and hope to create a kinship where everyone feels welcome and respected and is able to work as a strong team.

Kinship Rules
All current and future members are expected to adhere to these rules. They are designed to try and make the kinship as welcoming and fun a place as possible.

If you have any queries with the rules, believe they should be amended or believe new rules should be added, please send your suggestions to the Guild Leader or Officers via PMs or ingame tells for discussion.

Kinship Behaviour
1) Kinmates are to be treated in a mature, respectful manner.

2) Any criticism or advice should be offered in a constructive manner.

3) Offensive and insulting behaviour towards kinmates is not tolerated.

4) Tempers will flare occasionally, it's unavoidable. If you have a disagreement with someone, take it to tells.
Kinchat is not a place to "have it out" with each other. If you are unable to resolve the matter yourselves or would like someone else to help mediate, contact an officer or the Guild Leader. We will be happy to assist you.

5) While we encourage our members to be help each other, please also be aware that people may not always be available.
Organising something in advance is often going to obtain a much better result than impromptu requests. Don't always expect people to be able to assist you at the drop of a hat. If they can, great! If not, then respect that they may already have plans or are not feeling up to it.

6) Southern Cross is an 18+ kinship.
Mild swearing and adult behaviour is acceptable. Excessive swearing, other inappropriate behaviour and bullying is not.

Kinship Auctions
Southern Cross encourages it's members to give freely to one another. However, given it's not always possible to do a UFG (up for grabs) in kinchat, we do use Kinship Auctions too. Below are some guidelines for using Kinship Auctions.

1) If you are posting an auction, please only price things to cover costs.
We don't want to make a profit off kinmates. Southern Cross is about helping, supporting and sharing with kinmates. Just remember, a kinmate may have an item YOU need and I'm sure you wouldn't want them gouging you.

2) Please only buy what you need for guilded characters. Onselling is NOT permitted.
Our motto is, what is offered in kinship, stays in kinship. It's all about making the kinship stronger and helping out our fellow kinmates.

3) Please only buy what is level appropriate for you.
If it's something that's only a few levels higher than you or only a tier away, fair enough. But buying stuff that's too high for your adventurer/crafter level isn't really fair to kinmates who are level appropriate and need the item too. The exception being if no one else is able to use it, then go for it - no point letting it go to waste either.

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