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We have moved to Frostmourne Alliance

Posted: 12 Jun 2013, 11:27
by Benko
Hey guys, as per the update on the SC home page, we have moved to Frostmourne Alliance. We have been struggling a bit with replenishing our ranks with AU/NZ gamers on BR so have decided the time was right to move to an Oceanic realm.

Unfortunately the <Southern Cross> name was taken (but doesn't look like it is being used) so we're running with <SouthernCross> at the moment. Maybe someone has an alt with the <Southern Cross> guild charter in their bags lol.

I know a bunch of old school SCers went to FM when SC switched from Alliance to Horde on Blackrock. Hopefully we can now reunite with some of our old friends for some end-game fun.

We're currently looking at replenshing our main raiding team (refer to with ambitions to get a second 10 man group up and running. In 5.4 we'll dedicate 1 night to flex raiding so we can all have a good ol' fashioned zerg with everyone (up to 25 people).

Let me know if you're around on Frostmourne and need a ginvite (PM me or post here)! Remember to ensure you have access to the SC WOW Member forums by posting in the above stickied thread to request access.

Hopefully see ya'll in game ... as Alliance (again) !

Re: We have moved to Frostmourne Alliance

Posted: 13 Jun 2013, 03:50
by Benko
if anyone is getting the "name change" bug as part of their server transfer / faction change, then I suggest trying to resolve via live chat through the account management site; response time = < 1 minute vs. 24 hours++ for an in game ticket.

Use the following options:

World of Warcraft > I have an issue with a purchase or payment. > There was a mistake with my character or guild service.

Re: We have moved to Frostmourne Alliance

Posted: 10 Jul 2013, 15:23
by Lirielx
Welcome to Frostmourne.