Computer problems -> quiting raiding and probably game

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Computer problems -> quiting raiding and probably game

Post by vermura » 21 Mar 2010, 23:32

Hi guys, I'm having major issues with my computer right now. It's an old pc, and unfortunately my video card died last week. Currently its using like a RADEON 9200 I had lying around. Unfortunately, it's seriously not cutting it in 25-mans, last raid my fps was <10 and as low as literally 1 fps on blood queen lol. This made it impossible to move properly on the sindragosa fight and has kinda sapped my enthusiasm for the game as a whole. I've always been kinda laggy, even with the other video card I considered > 20 fps "good".... However, getting like 5fps is unbearable, it's like trying to run a marathon through quick sand while everyone else is on the footpath.

Now the logical thing to do, would be to upgrade the PC, but right now I still need to buy text books for university, pay bills, finish renovating my house... I just don't have the money to spare to fix this problem and sure don't want to be playing with it... its not fun.

So basically, I'm deactivating my account and won't be around for raids. I did enjoy playing with you guys and would have liked to continue to do so. I might be back to playing towards the end of the year when cataclysm is released and I have had the chance to get myself a new shiny computer to run this silly game on :D

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Re: Computer problems -> quiting raiding and probably game

Post by Mick » 22 Mar 2010, 09:06

damn - another tank bites the dust :)

See you when you get back.

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Re: Computer problems -> quiting raiding and probably game

Post by Xerosin » 22 Mar 2010, 15:19

QQ we need u for 10m !!

anyway glhf and all that.
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