Question regarding final leatherworking skills

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Question regarding final leatherworking skills

Post by Arkwynd » 29 Dec 2004, 17:52

Hey everyone, I have some questions about where I should go with leatherworking. I thought I might post here and ask about it because I can't log in thanks to the 800 hundred person queue on the server.

Currently, I'm an 'Expert' Leatherworker, with a skill of 163, I hear that to choose the next level (Artisian, I think) I have to reach 200, that doesn't seem too far away for me so I thought I should ask about the different kinds of leatherworking I can move into.

To my knowledge, three forms exist, Dragonscale(??) Tribal and something else.

As you can see, my knowledge is quite limited :oops:

Initially I thought dragonscale (I think its called that) would be best because then I can create my own mail armor, and I have found the ability to make my own armor to be greatly beneficial, right now I wear alot of gear I make myself, and since once I reach level 40 I would be able to use mail armor, I figured this would be the most logical choice. (I'm level 26 now btw)

However, I want to know what the other forms of leatherworking are about, I know you will most likely say to check the WoW forums, and thats where I'm going to look too, but I thought I'd also ask my fellow guildmates for their opinions, as I'm more likely to get some actual sense out of you rather than flaming and "0mFg n3wb ur t3h 5ux0rz hunt@hz r cr4p wtfomfglolkthxbaibbq"

So, any past experiences would be most helpful, along with any information you can garner about the world of leatherworking. Pros/cons of each type etc.

I appreciate it.
- Arkwynd

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Post by bishop » 29 Dec 2004, 18:39

heya, i'm currently doing the dragonscale leatherworking quest. Not entirely sure that i'll be using any of the stuff i make, but it sounds cool ... and isn't that half the point ;)

I used this thread as a good resource of specialisation information.

Around lvl 40 the scorpid line of mail items seems to be perfect for Hunters, and i've read that alot of hunters keep with that mail, as it gives a +agi whereas the later dragonscale stuff doesn't. To make that Mail requires no specialisation at all. I guess the best thing would to be take a look at the recipes and see whats going to give the bonuses you want, and really how scarce the materials are, cause that's going to be limiting what you can make.
- Jak
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