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by Kaidagar
19 Aug 2005, 14:54
Forum: WoW General Discussion
Topic: Arathi Basin loot?
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I think we should start thinking about getting some 15 man groups happening for this, it's alot easier to get 15 guys for a run than 40 for av, plus the rewards look pretty decent so far...
by Kaidagar
18 Aug 2005, 14:52
Forum: WoW General Discussion
Topic: omg dire maul hax
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I may or may not have been doing this as well. I would have been doing it alot more but there is no easy way to reset the instance now so I gave up after like an hour. BTW the real issue isn't the chest that spawns there, it's the dusty tomb that occasionally spawns there, thats what people are real...
by Kaidagar
11 Jul 2005, 08:55
Forum: WoW General Discussion
Topic: ? Maybe Aus servers are on the way...
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Good work decective.

I'm just not sure Blizzard would be giving us a server, the outlay would be fairly large. Although Austar has been showing adds for WoW.
by Kaidagar
30 Jun 2005, 14:51
Forum: WoW General Discussion
Topic: Minrix
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