Shoutbox now working for members


Finally got around to fixing the Shoubox for members.

New look and design


Welcome to the new look Southern Cross Guild forums.

Hopefully this will generate some interest and get Southern Cross Guild active again!

With the upgrade to phpBB 3.1.x there is some great extensions, with one of them that enables native phpBB pages which can accommodate simple updates rather than a full blown blogging solution such as WordPress which was the way I was looking to go. WordPress and phpBB integration requires extensive development and paid plugins to work to enable same user databases, far too complex so hopefully this will suffice.

There is some new features on the forums such as a navigation to news pages for SW-ToR and WoW but other pages can be created where each game could have their own updates. This can be used for guild achievements, much like the old website we had for WoW, or we could draw other information in from news sites.

A lot of the old games we played have had the forums reinstated and with Guild Wars 2, SW-ToR and WoW all releasing expansion in the next few months I hope that we see old and new members come back to Southern Cross.

Upgrade to phpBB 3.1 completed


The forums have been upgraded to the latest version of phpBB and with that comes some new features and some changes.

Stay tuned!